Bridge the Gap An informational poster that explores and explains issues regarding the Rural and Urban gap in India, the cyclical nature of it and real statistics of how it is affecting millions of lives. The visual language is borrowed from the Truck art culture of India where many private truck owners decorate their trucks […]

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Comma Museum An exercise in composition and colour. The brief was to design two posters for a fictional museum of our choice; one poster using only shapes and colour and the other using shapes, color and text, but with text taking centre stage. The museum I designed for, was named ‘The Comma Museum’ – a

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Passenger Editorial design for a small scale publication that revolves around the topic of ‘Travel Literature’ including book reviews, travel blogs etc.. ranging from the historical to the current. The otherworldly and dreamy feel that the illustrations have,  is inspired by the feeling of interaction with foreign seeming cultures and places that take place during

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Rajas Currency design for a fictional nation of space nomads that reside only on spaceships and are united by their curiosity and passion to know more about the universe. The metallic themes and patterns and lines inspired by technology and precious metal colors fit with the scientific aspect of such a nation and the images

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CO Branding done for a Co-Working space. The logo is modular that conveys the Flexibility of a co-working space combined with connectivity and compartmentalisation that it offers. Use of bold typography and a splash of colour coupled with pure white background and clean lines gives a professional yet youthful and energetic vibe to the design. A

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Alter Branding assignment for an alternative energy solutions company. The change in line weight in the logo and gradient colour scheme show gradual change in approach to energy. The colour and gradient enhance the sense of clean energy and gradual transformation.

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Verb Branding assignment for a sports accesory and apparel brand. The branding uses verbs to describe motion, coupled with dynamic typographic arrangements and vibrant colours. Inspired from the very nature of the ‘verbs’ used in the branding, the typographic arrangements act as a visual representation of the words themselves. The mix of 3D and 2D

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Q? Logo is dynamic, employing multiple fonts to express type exploration by type foundry. Focus on typography to illustrate the personality of the type design in the type specimen book. The use of the logo as a functional element to display the font also displays the flexibility of the logo and the concept behind the

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Next Event branding for the presedential installation ceremony of a real estate organization in Pune. The branding symbolising progress, future, change, and diversity coupled with professionalism and stability. The diverse patterns are used to represent people of many backgrounds coming together to form this organisation. The minimal representation of an arrow adds direction and gives

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Thrum Branding for a custom guitar manufacturer. The logo is inspired from nature of vibration, dynamic sense of a heartbeat, grounded by stability of the guitar fret markings. The branding expands to personalised logo marks for each guitar/customer. Use of retro imagery and eclectic typographic arrangements while staying in the colour palette of the brand

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