Shiva A digital illustration of the Hindu god ‘Shiva’, one of the three main deities of the Hindu religion.  The traditional depiction of Shiva has symbols of the snake that he coils around his neck, the crescent moon that he carries atop his head, his flowing dreadlocks, his trident and most importantly, his third eye, […]

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Lexicon of Love A small publication that contains compositions based on the letters of the English lexicon, revolving around the theme of ‘Structure’ and how it is encountered on a daily basis at all scales and levels. The minimal implementation of red and blue provides a pop of colour that enhance the structure and effect

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Rockwell A type specimen booklet designed for the typeface ‘Rockwell’. The great variety in the weights and styles of Rockwell are paired well with the fresh color scheme of orange and blue. The secondary themes of muscle cars and electric guitars alludes to the time period in which Rockwell was first created and provides a

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Web Tool A small experiment and an exercise in learning web coding, this fun web tool will reccomend an activity for you to do, depending on your answers to a few questions. Both the visual design and the backend coding is done by me. The visuals have a certain subtle humour to them that enhance

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LA County COVID A fictional redesign of the LA County COVID website as an exercise in resolving UI/UX issues, beautification and scalability across multiple platforms

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Naadbrahma Website design for an Indian Classical Music Festival. The website is for an event that takes place in Pune, India from 1st – 3rd May. The warmth and intimacy that is characteristic of Indian Classical Music is captured using the color scheme, photographs of the performers and a modern version of traditional Indian patterns.

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Identity A series of images that explore my identity, my culture, my background as an Indian and as an engineer turned graphic designer. Digital collage is used to convey the emotion and feeling behind the concept.

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Kasturi A series of mixed media images (Paint, Ink, Watercolour, Digital) based on the object of the Sitar, an Indian Classical Musical instrument. The images are a mix of traditional Indian calligraphy and ink work combined with digital illurtrations, watercolour washes and gouache paint. The images are then applied to a branding of limited edition

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Kaputt Album covers for the album ‘Kaputt’ by the band ‘Destroyer’. The dreamlike and hazy feel of the song can be best expressed by me in the term ‘Evening light’. Which is what is used as a base to create an album cover that emulates the dreamlike feel of the song. The dreamscape, colours and

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Memphis A study in historical styles. I chose the design movement ‘Memphis’ as my inspiration for 2 book covers. One, for a fictional book titled ‘Memphis: Awesome or Awful’ about the design movement itself and the other, for ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ whose zany storytelling and colorful characters relate to the core concept

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